How to be Self Motivated as a Software Developer

The key to  High Performance is  Self Motivation

There are certain things that a  Software Developer can do to be self motivated,

1.) Enhance your skills regularly In what ever programming language you are working try to be perfect in that. Set reasonable targets with deadlines and work on them.  Read good books and try to improve yourself.

2.) Learn new Technologies New Technologies are coming at a very fast pace. So, keep learning new technologies and be innovative.

3.) Don't compare Don't compare others with you, like what they are getting and you are not. Just don't do that, it will just make you negative. Always think how you can improve yourself and always think positively.

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4.) Prepare for future Whatever experience you have just add 5 years in that and think where you want to be at that time. Set your target role after 5 years and work on that.

5.) Keep Learning and Always think Positive.