C++ – STL Tutorials

Standard Template Library in C++

C++ – Vector

  1. C++ Vector – Detailed Tutorial with examples
  2. Five Different ways to Initialise a vector n C++
  3. How to Iterate or Loop over a Vector?
  4. How to Iterate over a Vector in Reverse Order ( Backward direction )
  5. How does std::vector works internally ?
  6. How to fill a vector with random numbers in C++
  7. Importance of Constructors while using User Defined Objects with std::vector
  8. How to use vector efficiently in C++?
  9. std::vector and Iterator Invalidation
  10. Remove all occurences of an element from vector in O(n) complexity
  11. Be careful with hidden cost of std::vector for user defined objects
  12. Add elements in vector using vector::push_back
  13. How to Print all elements of a vector in C++
  14. How to initialize two dimensional Vector in C++ – (Initializing 2D Vectors / Matrix)
  15. How to print Two Dimensional (2D) Vector in C++ ?
  16. C++: Convert Array to Vector (7 Ways)
  17. C++: Convert vector to array (4 Ways)
  18. C++: Convert Set to Vector
  19. C++: Convert Vector to Set ( 5 Ways )
  20. C++: Print a vector in reverse order (5 Ways)

C++ – Array

  1. C++ – std::array tutorial – Explained with examples

C++ – Deque

  1. What is std::deque and how deque works internally.
  2. deque vs vector : What to choose ?

C++ – List

  1. std::list Tutorial and Usage Details
  2. Vector vs List
  3. Different Ways To Initialize a List
  4. Erase elements from List using Iterators
  5. Removing elements from a List based on Criterion
  6. Remove Elements from a List while Iterating
  7. How to get element by index in List ?
  8. How to search an element in std::list ?

C++ – Set

  1. Set usage details with default sorting criteria
  2. Using std::set with user defined classes
  3. std::set and external Sorting criteria | Comparator
  4. How to access an element by index in Set
  5. Different ways to insert elements in Set
  6. How to Iterate over a Set in C++
  7. Removing an element from Set using different techniques.
  8. Erase elements while Iterating over Set & Generic erase_if()

C++ – Map

  1. std::map Tutorial Part 1: Usage Detail with examples
  2. std::map Tutorial -Part 2: std::map and External Sorting Criteria / Comparator
  3. std::map Tutorial – Part 3: Using User defined class objects as keys in std::map
  4. Set vs Map : How to choose a right associative container ?
  5. How to Insert elements in a map
  6. How to Iterate over a map in C++
  7. Map Insert Example
  8. Iterate a map in reverse order
  9. Check if a key exists in a Map
  10. Search by value in a Map
  11. C++ Map :  Erase by Key | Iterators
  12. C++ Map : Operator []
  13. C++ Map : Erase by Value or callback
  14. Using STL to verify brackets or parentheses combination in an expression

C++ – Unordered_map

C++ – Unordered_set

C++ – STL Algorithm

  1. Using std::find & std::find_if with User Defined Classes
  2. Iterating over a range of User Defined objects and calling member function using std::for_each
  3. std::for_each Tutorial : Usage Details with Examples


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