Python Programming

Python is one of the hottest programming languages of 2020

With the emerging trend of Data science & machine learning. Python can surely help you grab a high paying programming job.

We have create a series of Python Tutorials and several practical examples

Learn Python

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Python

  • Python – Keywords and Identifiers :
      • In python keywords are the reserved words for special purposes. Identifiers are the names which we choose for custom variables, functions, or classes in a python program. Learn more important rules and facts about keywords and identifiers in python. Read More......
  • Python Variables:
      • In python, a variable is a like tag or reference that points to an object in the memory. Learn important points about variables in python, like creating variables and changing the value of a variable etc. Read More....
  • Literals in Python:
      • A Literal in python is a raw data or a constant value that can be assigned to variable. There are different types of literals in python like, Numeric Literals, String Literals and Bool Literals. Learn more about them. Read More....

Chapter 2: Conditional Expressions

Chapter 3: Loops in Python

  • while-loop in python:
      • A while loop in python executes a group of statements or a suite of statements multiple times, till a given condition is True. Read More......
  • for-loop in python:
      • Iterate over a group of statements multiple times using a for loop. But the number of times these statements will be executed by a for loop depends upon a sequence. Read More....
  • break keyword and loops
      • Learn how to use the break keyword in python to break the flow of loops abruptly. Read More....
  • continue keyword and loops
      • Calling the continue keyword inside the loop, will make the control jump to the starting of the while loop again. All the lines after the continue keyword will get skipped for that particular iteration. Read More....

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