Python Programming

Today, Python is the most sought after Programming Language, mainly because of its simplicity and better exposure to different areas. Like you can build scripts, create GUI Applications, websites, Data Science Applications, and Machine Learning models with Python. We have curated a list of Python Tutorials to help you become expert in Python.

1.) Python – Basics

1.1Keywords and Identifiers in Python (with examples)
1.2Variables in Python
1.3Literals in Python

2.) Python – Conditional Expressions

2.1The “if-statement” in Python
2.2The “if…else” statement in Python
2.3The “if…else..elif” statement in Python
2.4The “if…else” statement in one line in Python

3.) Python – Loops

3.1The “while loop” in Python
3.2The “for-loop” in Python
3.3The “break” keyword and its usage in Loops in Python
3.4The “continue” keyword and Loops in Python

4.) Functions in Python

4.1What is a Function in Python?
4.2Why do we need functions in Python?
4.3How to define a function in Python?
4.4Function arguments and return value in Python Functions.
4.5Local variable vs Global variable in Python Functions.
4.6Using globals() to access global variables inside a function in Python.
4.7Handling UnboundLocalError Error in Python Functions.
4.8*Args & Variable length Arguments in Python Functions
4.9Call A Function Every N Seconds In Python.
4.10Return Multiple Values From A Function In Python.

5.) Python – Lists

5.1What is a List in Python and why we need it?
5.2How to create & initialise a List in Python?
5.3How to check if an item exists in a List in Python?
5.4How to add an element in a list? | append() vs extend()
5.5How to insert an element at a specific index in List?
5.6How to update values in a List in Python?
5.7How to iterate over a List in Python?
5.8How to remove elements from a List by value in Python?
5.9How to remove elements from a List by index or indices in Python?
5.10How to find all indexes of an item in a List in Python?
5.11How to sort a list of strings in Python?
5.12How to merge or join two or more Lists in Python?
5.13How to count elements in a List or Lists of Lists in Python?
5.14How to check if there are duplicates in a List in Python?

6.) Python – Strings

6.1How to access characters in a string in Python?
6.2How to iterate over the characters in a String in Python?
6.3How To Create A Long Multiline String In Python?
6.4How to find occurrence a substring in Python?
6.5How to check if string has a substring in Python?
6.6How to compare strings in Python?
6.7How to remove characters from a String in Python?
6.8How to remove Multiple Spaces From A String In Python?
6.9How to replace Instances Of A Character In A String In Python?
6.10How To Split And Parse A String In Python?

7.) Python – Dictionary

7.1What is a Dictionary in Python?
7.2How to create a Dictionary in Python?
7.3How to Iterate over a Dictionary in Python?
7.4How to check if a key exists in Dictionary in Python?
7.5How to remove a key from Dictionary in Python?
7.6How to add a key/value pairs in Dictionary in Python?
7.7How to convert Dictionary keys to a list in Python?
7.8How to print Dictionary line by line in Python?
7.9How to sort a Dictionary by key or Value in Python?
7.10How to get keys with maximum value in Python?
7.11How to convert a Dictionary values to a list in Python?
7.12How to iterate over a Dictionary sorted by key in Python?
7.13How to iterate over a Dictionary sorted by value in Python?
7.14How to merge two or more Dictionaries in Python?
7.15How to pretty print a nested Dictionary in Python?
7.16How to check if a value exists in a Dictionary in Python?

8.) Python – Tuples

8.1What is a Tuple in Python and how to create it?
8.2How to find an element in Tuple by value in Python?
8.3How to add, update & delete elements in a Tuple in Python?
8.4How to get First Column From List Of Tuples In Python?
8.5How to access First Element From a List Of Tuples In Python?
8.6How to get Every Nth Element From A List Of Tuples In Python?
8.7How to print A List Of Tuples In Python?

9.) Iterators & Generators In Python

9.1Iterator vs Iterable vs Iteration in Python
9.2How to make a class Iterable in Python?
9.3Yield Keyword & Generators in Python
9.4Iterators vs Generators in Python
9.5List Comprehension Vs Generator Expression in Python

10.) File Handling in Python

10.1How to read a file line by line in Python?
10.2How to check if a file is empty in Python?
10.3How to search for strings in a file in Python?
10.4How to remove a file if exists in Python?
10.5How to read CSV file line by line in Python?
10.6How to append a row to a CSV File in Python?
10.7How to append a column to a existing CSV File in Python?
10.8How to create a Directory in Python?
10.9How to check if a file exist in Python?
10.10How to check if a directory is empty in Python?
10.11How to get a list of files in a directory in Python?
10.12How to delete a directory recursively in Python?
10.13How to create a zip archive in Python?
10.14How to unzip a file using Python?
10.15How to get the list of files in a zip file in Python?

11.) Threads & Process management in Python

11.1How To Create A Thread To Run A Function in Python?
11.2How to Create A Thread Using Class In Python?
11.3How to run bash commands in Python?
11.4How to get List Of All Running Processes in Python?
11.5How to get process ID by name in Python?

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  1. Howdy Varun, this site is one of the clearest I’ve come across for finding and navigating the essentials of Python – thank you.
    Wondering if you should add something here about classes and possibly objects? Just my 2c

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