In this article we will discuss a cross platform way to find a running process PIDs by name using psutil.

To install python’s psutil library use,

Check if a process is running

To check if process is running or not, let’s iterate over all the running process using psutil.process_iter() and match the process name i.e.

Let’s use this function to check if any process with ‘chrome’ substring in name is running or not i.e.


As in my system many chrome instances are running. So it will return True. But how to get the process ID of all the running ‘chrome.exe’ process ?

Find PID (Process ID) of a running process by Name

As there may be many running instances of a given process. So, we will iterate over all the running process and for each process whose name contains the given string, we will keep it’s info in a list i.e.

Let’s call this function to get the PIDs of all the running chrome.exe process

Contents of the list will be,

We can do the same in a single line using list comprehension i.e.

procObjList is a list of Process class objects. Let’s iterate over it and print them i.e.

Output will be,

Complete example is as follows,



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