Python – List

List is the most used data structure in Python. We have created a set of tutorials to explain all about Lists in Python.

S.NOPython List Tutorials
5.1What is a List in Python and why we need it?
5.2How to create & initialise a List in Python?
5.3How to check if an item exists in a List in Python?
5.4How to add an element in a list? | append() vs extend()
5.5How to insert an element at a specific index in List?
5.6How to update values in a List in Python?
5.7How to iterate over a List in Python?
5.8How to remove elements from a List by value in Python?
5.9How to remove elements from a List by index or indices in Python?
5.10How to find all indexes of an item in a List in Python?
5.11How to sort a list of strings in Python?
5.12How to merge or join two or more Lists in Python?
5.13How to count elements in a List or Lists of Lists in Python?
5.14How to check if there are duplicates in a List in Python?

Python List Methods

Python List index()Python List append()
Python List insert()Python List extend()
Python List reverse()Python List count()
Python List copy()Python List remove()
Python List clear()Python List sort()
Python List pop()

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