Java LinkedList Tutorial

LinkedList is a kind of List used to store elements. Its an ordered collection i.e. elements added at a position in LinkedList will remain in that position till modified by user.

It internally uses a doubly linked list datastructure implementation i.e. each element is stored at separate node. Each node has a reference to previous and next node i.e



Advantage of LinkedList

Insertion and Deletion from the middle of LinkedList is very fast. Its just the matter of resetting 2 references.

Disadvantage of LinkedList:

LinkedList don’t provide effective random access of elements. It means if we want to access 5th element from LinkedList then we need to iterate through 1 to 5 elements to reach the 5th one. So, random access operations are very slow in LinkedList

Now, lets see how to create a LinkedList object in Java,

List<String> listOfStr = new LinkedList<>();

In Java, LinkedList implements List Interface, therefore we can keep the LinkedList object in List reference.

Now Lets see how we can use LinkedList through various examples,

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