What’s good for a fresher : Development or Testing ?

If you are going to join a Software company as a fresher, then there might a question in your mind like,

What’s good for my carrier – Testing Profile or Development Profile?

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The Answer is “It depends on what’s your interest and what you have planned for your future” like,

Testing Profile is good:

  • If you are planning for MBA by cracking CAT or GMAT then Testing is good for you, specially Manual Testing because in it you don’t have to study along with work. Moreover, if you have already planned to move in management then why waste time in learning programming and coding.
  • If you have no interest in Coding but you are planning to stay in Software Engineering job then Manual Testing is good for you. Just gain good domain knowledge along with work like for Telecom Domain, Healthcare Domain, e commerce domain etc.
  • If you have an interest in Coding and got a testing job that involves automation using different tools like selenium, QTP etc then this kind of testing profile is good for you because it has good coding opportunities.

Development Profile is good:

  • If you have good interest in Coding and love to solve programming problems then Development profile is for you. Therefore don’t get stuck in Manual testing because you will never be able to love your job.
  • If you have good code debugging skills then development profile is for you.
  • If you love to learn new programming languages then development profile is for you.

So, nothing is bad or good just try to be in a job that you love 🙂

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