In this article we will discuss how to use operator [] with map in C++.

std::map has Operator[] i.e.

operator [] works in Find or Create Mode i.e. when called with a key K, it will try to look for element with given key K and can go in below 2 directions i.e.

  • If any element is found with key K, then it will return the reference of its value.
  • But if there is no element in map with K, then it will create a new element in map with key K and assign default value of value_type in its value field. Then it will return the value of newly created element as reference.

Let’s discuss it in detail,

Element lookup with Operator[]

Suppose we have a map of String and int i.e.

Now suppose, we call the operator [] on above map with key value ‘Hello’.

As this key ‘Hello’ is not present in map. So operator [] will create a new entry for it with Key ‘Hello’ & Value as default value of int i.e. 0.

Also, will return its value by reference.

Overriding values with operator []

operator [] returns value by reference, so assigning value by calling operator[] can change the value i.e.

Checkout the complete example as follows,


Using operator[] with User Defined objects as Value

As operator[] can create new entry with default value. So, if we are using a User defined class or struct as value in a map, then its must to have default constructor in it.

Let’s see an example,

As key is not in map, so operator[] will create new entry with default value of value field. Therefore, above example will compile only if Occurance struct has default constructor. Un-comment it to compile succussfuly.

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