In this article we will discuss how to sort a map by value in both ascending and descending order.

A Map store the elements in the sorted order of keys.

For example, we have a map of words and its frequency count as key – value pair i.e.

Now lets insert following elements in to this map,

Map internally stores the above elements in sorted order of keys i.e.

Therefore, iterating over a map will give pair elements in above order. Now what if want to display items of a map in sorted order of keys. For example for above map we want to display the items in descending order of frequency count i.e.

For that we need to sort the entries in map by value.

Sorting a Map by Ascending Order of Value

Map contains pairs of key & value. Where first field of std::pair represents the key and second field represents the value.

Therefore, we can sort the pairs by keeping them in a set and using a comparison logic that compares them with their second field instead of first one.

In the below example we will use a comparator as lambda function that compares the 2 pais using teir second field i.e.

We will create a set of pair that will use the above lambda function as compare function and keep the added pairs in sorted order of second field of std::pair.

Then we will copy the elements from map to set and it will store them in sorted order of values.

Let’s see complete example,


Sorting a Map by Descending Order of Value

In above example we sorted the contents of a map in ascending order of value. If you want to sort the map contents in descending order then use following lambda function in above example i.e.

To compile the above code in linux use following command,

g++ -std=c++11 example.cpp


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