Create a Dictionary from two Lists in Python

How to Create a Dictionary from two Lists in Python?

We will discuss different ways to create a Python Dictionary from two lists i.e. a list of keys and a list of values.

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Required Tools:

– Python Programming

Things Needed?

– Python IDE

Steps to Create a Dictionary from two Lists in Python

Step 1

Suppose you have two lists, and you want to create a Dictionary from these two lists.

Step 2

Zip Both the lists together using zip() method. It will return a sequence of tuples. Each ith element in tuple will have ith item from each list.

Step 3

Pass the list of tuples to dictionary constructor to create a dictionary.

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Step 4

Iterate over 0 to N in a Dictionary comprehension. Where, N is the size of lists. During iteration, for each index i, select key and value at ith index from lists and add them to dictionary as a key, value pair using Dictionary Comprehension.

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