Create a Python Dictionary with values

This tutorial will discuss about a unique way to create a Dictionary with values in Python.

Suppose we have a list of values,

values = ['Ritika', 'Smriti', 'Mathew', 'Justin']

We want to create a dictionary from these values. But as a dictionary contains key-value pairs only, so what will be the key so in our case?

We want the keys to be incrementing integer values. Like,

  • For the first value, the key should be 1.
  • For the second value key should be 2.
  • For the third value key should be 3.
  • For the Nth value key should be N.

Using a Dictionary Comprehension, we will iterate from index zero till N. Where N is the number of values in the list. During iteration, for each index we will pick the ith value from the list and add a key-value pair in the dictionary using the Dictionary Comprehension.

Let’s see the complete example,

# Define a list of values
values = ['Ritika', 'Smriti', 'Mathew', 'Justin']

# Create a dictionary with incrementing keys
# and the values from the List
dictObj = {i+1: values[i] for i in range(len(values))}

# Print the dictionary


{1: 'Ritika', 2: 'Smriti', 3: 'Mathew', 4: 'Justin'}


We learned how to create a Dictionary with values in Python.

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